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How to make a Successful Rails App - Steven Bristol

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This talk will focus on the tricks to making a successful app. How to choose what to say yes or no to. How to market. How to design. How to pick a team/partners. How to split the money. How/when to launch, what's the bare minimum needed to launch. What is "good enough." How to do customer service. What are good problems to have. How to plan for scaling. How to have good UI and how important is it. Lot's more.

About Steven
Steve is the co-founder and head geek of Less Everything. He wrote his first program at the age of nine using BASIC. Since then he has written everything from proxy servers (C++ on Linux) to global human resources applications (C# on Windows) and has now settled on Ruby On Rails as the love of his life. Some of the things he has done include: He is a Core Contributor to the Rails Framework and has contributed to several other open source projects. He created the open source social network Lovd By Less. He has led teams of software engineers for over 11 years. He knows over fourteen different programming languages. He was a mentor in the 2007 Google Summer of Code. He has gone over 150 miles per hour with his knee on the ground while racing motorcycles. He has been married for 10 years. He has three children. He can divide by zero

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