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One Code-Base, Many Projects

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Jason Cale offered to run a talk / discussion on how to cope with evolving a single project into a maintainable code-base for multiple projects. That's not a great distilation of his idea, so here are his words:

The basic premise of what I have now is a (yet another) custom CMS / E-commerce system that an agency commissioned me to build ..

The system serves both flash websites (via restful apis), and a couple of html based ones .. I'm currently trying to work out the best way to keep a single code base that can serve present development, and future ones .. be flexible and 'hackable' and maintainable .. at the moment its a mix of plugins, config files and theme based extensions. I certainly don't have all the answers .. but with a bit of research I could present what I've come up with so far, other ideas I've come across (most things online I've found just mention it is hard) and then open it up for discussion.

At the moment instead of it being 'lessons learned' etc, it would still be very present tense, because these problems are ones I'm still working through.

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