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Nate Koechley - Professional Frontend Engineering

Language: English Quality: High Has Audio: true Source: Yahoo Videos Media: Flash Posted On: 06 Apr 09
Nate Koechley, one of the first frontened engineers hired at Yahoo, has spent the last eight years studying the discipline and curating some of the best ideas and practices to emerge from it here at Yahoo. As a member of the YUI team since its early days in 2005, he also helped shape the YUI library and authored its CSS components.

This YUI Theater entry captures one of the courses Nate has taught at Yahoo, "Professional Frontend Engineering." It covers the foundations of the discipline, some of its core ideas, and some of of its best practices. If you are looking to reset your own assumptions about "web development" or "frontend work", I know of no better place to start. If you have friends who are new to the discipline, or backend engineers transitioning to the frontend, this is also a fantastic resource to which you can point them.

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