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MooTools: An Overview with Aaron Newton

Language: English Quality: High Has Audio: true Source: Other Media: Flash Posted On: 18 Feb 09
In this session, we cover MooTools from top to bottom. We explore the basic utility methods provided by the framework, delve into the provided functionality from the straight forward (Ajax, Drag'n'Drop, etc) to the more complex (rich effects, sortables, psuedo-selectors, etc), and then move into how to extend Mootools for your own use. We examine the Class inheritance architecture and provide some real world examples of how it all works.

In this session you discover:

  • What makes MooTools different than other frameworks;
  • How to use MooTools as it's intended;
  • How to extend MooTools and the Javascript environment using it;
  • How to write your own MooTools plugins;
  • What MooTools has to offer and how it fits with your own sense of style.

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