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Firebug Breakpoints

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I thought it'd be nice to cover a little bit of Firebug. I've actually been meaning to put together a few screencasts on Firebug. If you like this one, definitely let me know and I'll be sure to put some more together.

In this screencast, I take a quick look at how to use breakpoints in Firebug to help in your debugging endeavours. It's a feature that I don't use nearly as often as I should and by putting this screencast together, I've hopefully pushed myself to use it more

Breakpoints may seem all "programmery" but at a very basic level can be easy to use. With the script and console tabs enabled for your test domain, use the script tab to view a particular script. With a script in view, you can click to the left of the line number to add a breakpoint. A red dot should appear. Refresh the page and the red dot will not have a triangle play button to let you know that execution has stopped there.

With execution stopped, you can use the console tab to run arbitrary code in the context of that function. If you're debugging private methods, this will be an invaluable way to inspect things without having to go back and edit the original code and doing a page refresh.

I didn't cover the Step Into, Over, Out features. Just knowing that you can create breakpoints and know what they do will help improve your ability to debug a particular function.

With regards to the screencast itself, I've been doing production a little differently each time. This time, I captured the video using Screenium and then pulled it into iMovie. iMovie doesn't have the most intuitive interface but once I figured it out, it was pretty powerful. I did a quick overlay for the intro and managed to splice two videos together. I exported the standard video and iPhone versions right from iMovie instead of using Handbrake like I did last time.

The audio was just using the internal mic. I have a more professional mic but no convenient place to set it up. I used it on a previous screencast and it makes a difference. It's just harder to work with.

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