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The Great Framework Debate

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Hal helms leads a discussion in considering the merits of frameworks in general and some in particular.

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  • Hal Helms
  • Coldfusion MX
  • MVC - Model-view-controller
  • Model Glue Framework

  • Created : 2007-01-09   Duration : 51:14

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    Ask a Jedi: Does using a framework reduce your portability?
    In the best of worlds - you have a box with the frameworks set up so that any site can use them. The frameworks can be updated easily and all applications get the benefit of the new updates. Oh, and they are always 100% backwards compatible as well. Of course, no one I know actually lives in that world
    Framework recommendations?
    Hi, I'm new to frameworks, but I think I understand the basic premise behind them. So, I basically need to pick one and start learning it, but I'm not sure which one to use. Fusebox? Model-Glue? Mach II? ... Fusebox has been around much longer, and sites as mainstream as myspace.com use it. But Model-Glue seem to have increasing popularity
    Designing Framework-Agnostic Models with CFCs, by Brian Kotek
    To get a good handle on what constitutes a model, Brian starts by going over just where the model lies in the MVC pattern relative to frameworks. Adding queries to your machii listeners directly, or act pages in fusebox, or controllers in model glue is a way your models bleed into your controller..