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Introduction to FusionDebug and FusionReactor

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A one-hour introduction to FusionDebug and FusionReactor, given at the Toronto CFUG

Presentation available at : http://www.acfug.org/resources/200609-fusiondebug.ppt

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Resources referenced in this screencast
  • FusionDebug - Interactive Debugger for ColdFusion
  • FusionReactor - ColdFusion Server, database and application monitoring

  • Created : 2007-01-11   Duration : 01:03:00

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    FusionDebug Part 1: Why get excited?
    Over the next few entries here I'd like to share some of the points I did in the presentation. I'll cover such things as FusionDebug features and some gotchas to watch out for, as well as answer some frequent questions.
    First steps with FusionDebug
    I got to play with FusionDebug for the first time the other day and i've got to say i'm impressed. Since the year dot i've lived without step debugging in ColdFusion - it's always been present in Visual Studio but we were always limited to dotting CFDUMPs around cf templates to aid in debugging
    FusionDebug on CF MultiServer Configurations
    Since version 7 the ColdFusion Setup allows you to install ColdFusion as a SingleServer or MultiServer edition. The latter allows you to run multiple cfusion servers. Per default all these servers share the same JVM configuration (jvm.config) which will let you run into problems when you have added the debugging configuration parameters required by FusionDebug