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Intro to ASP.NET for ColdFusion Developers
Category: Web Development >      Posted: 13 Jun 07

This sessions shows a simple yet real world code comparison between ColdFusion and ASP.NET.

Intro to ASP.NET for JSP Developers: Welcome to ASP.NET 2.0
Category: Web Development >      Posted: 13 Jun 07

This session focuses on the basic background necessary to understand ASP.NET and how ASP.NET integrates with the .NET Framework and Microsoft IIS

Migrating from Classic ASP to ASP.NET
Category: Web Development >      Posted: 13 Jun 07

Are you planning to migrate from classic ASP to Microsoft ASP.NET 2.0? This webcast series walks you through the important architectural design conside...

Introduction to 2.0
Category: Web Development >      Posted: 13 Jun 07

Developers new to ASP.NET will want to attend this webcast designed to familiarize you with its essential features.

Using the ASP.NET AJAX UpdatePanel, Triggers and PageRequestManager
Category: Web Development >      Posted: 05 May 07

Microsoft's ASP.NET AJAX technology provides a quick and simple way to add AJAX capabilities into new or existing Web pages. In this video tutorial you'll see how to use the UpdatePanel, refresh it using triggers and detect when it has finished updating using the PageRequestManager along with JavaS...