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MochiKit 1.1 Intro

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This screencast is an introduction to MochiKit 1.1, using the interactive interpreter example as a conduit for showing off concepts from each MochiKit module

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    MochiKit by Example
    MochiKit (www.mochikit.com) is a JavaScript framework that provides tools for dealing with asynchronous requests (Ajax), DOM (Document Object Model) functionality, functional programming tools, dates and times, string formatting, colors, visual effects, events, drag-and-drop ability, sorting and many other features. MochiKit 1.3 is targeted to work on Safari 2.0.2, Firefox (1.0.7, 1.5 and 2.0), Opera 8.5 and Internet Explorer (6 and 7).

    This article provides a quick introduction to MochiKit, explains how to get started with MochiKit (with interesting stops along the way) and describes three walk-through examples of varying complexity that also are generic enough to use in your Web applications right now. Ever wanted to round element corners in HTML? Make a link that is clickable only once? Create a dynamic login mechanism? Keep reading!
    Introducing MochiKit
    The tag line on the MochiKit website is that it "makes JavaScript suck less." Personally, I don't think JavaScript sucks at all; I think it's a great language that can do great things, but then I'm probably not advanced enough of a user to feel its shortcomings as much as others may. It's not infallible or perfect but then what is? Still I'm sure that many people who find it hard to use JavaScript to get the effect they want may indeed feel that it sucks a little, and these are the people at which I guess the library is primarily aimed. In truth, the library is well suited to many people and projects and is compatible with a wide range of browsers and other frameworks
    Using MochiKit to Move Items Between Select Lists
    If you are writing client side JavaScript you should be using MochiKit. I found myself needing to implement two select list boxes where items are moved from one to the other. I was able to implement this with some very concise JavaScript thanks to MochiKit's functional programming and DOM manipulation APIs.