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Using Audacity to trim down podcasts
Category: Tools > Screencasting      Posted: 05 Jun 07

As I was jogging away on the treadmill last night, it occurred to me that the 75-minute lecture that I was listening to for school was primarily dead space. People pause between sentences, and generally ramble on like I do. A lot of that space can be eliminated, so the lecture that I was listening to...

Creating Screencasting Videos Using Camtasia Studio
Category: Tools > Screencasting      Posted: 02 Jun 07

I did the 'Creating Re-usable Learning Objects using Camtasia Studio' session today as part of the Learning Services Technology Month. A few people cou...

Enhancing a Screencast with Quicktime
Category: Tools > Screencasting      Posted: 02 Jun 07

Use Quicktime Pro to enhance a screencast by adding nice Speech Bubbles and Text Tracks.

Setting up iShowU for use with ShowMeDo
Category: Tools > Screencasting      Posted: 18 May 07

In case you don't know, iShowU is a Mac OSX application to capture screencasts in realtime. This video goes through the steps required to setup iShowU...

Make ShowMeDos with CamStudio
Category: Tools > Screencasting      Posted: 07 May 07

Here I show you how to install and use CamStudio 2.0 tool so that you can get on with sharing your knowledge with all our visitors

Using on Linux
Category: Tools > Screencasting      Posted: 07 May 07

Matt Harrison shows how to start and record from a VNC server using