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Learn Django: Create a Wiki in 20 minutes
Category: Languages > Python      Posted: 25 Oct 07

Learn Django shows how easily and quickly you can get a web application up and running with Django.

In the process we'll introduce the basic...

OpenRecord Screencast Wiki Engine
Category: Web Development > Other      Posted: 14 Jul 07

The goal of the project is to create an open source software product. The product we're making is a wiki engine, but where most wiki engines are geared toward pages of text, OpenRecord is geared toward loosely-structured database content.

Wikis in Plain English
Category: Web Development > Other      Posted: 24 Jun 07

We made this video because wiki web sites are easy to use, but hard to describe. We hope to turn you on to a better way to plan a camping trip, or crea...

TurboGears 20 Minute Wiki
Category: Languages > Python      Posted: 06 May 07

Learn all about making a Wiki in 20 minutes using the TurboGears v0.9 Preview Release