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Spring / BlazeDS Integration on Adobe TV
Category: Web Development > Flex      Posted: 28 Feb 09

In this episode, I demonstrate how to build Flex applications that connect to a Spring back-end using the new Spring / BlazeDS Integration project.

If you are interested in this integration, make sure you check out the Spring / BlazeDS Integration page on the

Model-Driven Development in Flex Builder 4 and LCDS 'Next'
Category: Web Development > Flex      Posted: 28 Feb 09

Using Adobe Flex Builder 4 and LCDS 'Next', you will be able to build data-driven applications using a Model-Driven Development approach. In this Adobe TV episode, I give a sneak peek of this new feature.

Explaining Web 2.0
Category: Others > Misc      Posted: 06 Feb 09

This video explains what is meant by "Web 2.0" and in the processes discusses interpersonal computing, web services and software as a service (SaaS) as...

JavaScript on AIR
Category: Web Development > Flex      Posted: 04 Feb 09

David Harvey talks at Skills Matter about his experience of building a small JavaScript/HTML app to run in the browser and as an AIR desktop application. He goes on to talk through some of the design and implementation decisions, gives a brief introduction to Adobe AIR, and demonstrate how easy it is...

Developing AJAX Web Applications with Castle Monorail
Category: Languages > .net      Posted: 04 Feb 09

Monorail is the model-view-controller engine of the Castle Project, bringing many of the best ideas of Ruby on Rails to the .NET world.

In this session, David De Florinier and Gojko Adzic show how Monorail makes it easy to develop .NET based AJAX applications, and how to use the Castle Pr...

WCF: Developing RESTful Services - TL35
Category: Languages > .net      Posted: 11 Dec 08

Learn the latest features in Windows Communication Foundation (WCF)for building Web 2.0-style services that use URIs, HTTP GET, and other data formats ...

Category: Web Development > Javascript      Posted: 07 Jun 08

jQuery is a JavaScript library that stands out among its competitors because it is faster, focuses on writing less code, and is very extensible. In t...

Smalltalk Dave about Programming Languages, SOA, MDA and the Web
Category: Web Development > Other      Posted: 05 Jun 08

In an interview at OOPSLA, Dave Thomas talks about the reasons for the rise of Java, what's behind Web 2.0, MDA and SOA, the rise of dynamic languages ...

Prototype and spending weekends at home again
Category: Web Development > Javascript      Posted: 25 Oct 07 creator Thomas Fuchs gives an overview about the concepts and functionality of both Prototype and the libraries, provid...

Designing the Rich Web Experience: Principals and Patterns for Rich Interaction Design on the Web
Category: Web Development > Javascript      Posted: 15 Oct 07

Bill Scott served as a Yahoo Ajax Evangelist and engineering manager from 2005-7. In this talk, given at nearly a dozen conferences around the world, B...

High-performance JavaScript: Why Everything You've Been Taught
Category: Web Development > Javascript      Posted: 10 Oct 07

Joseph Smarr is the Chief Platform Architect at Plaxo, Inc., where he's led the engineering of Plaxo's address-book integration application. In the cou...

High Performance Web Sites: 14 Rules for Faster Pages
Category: Web Development > Javascript      Posted: 10 Oct 07

Steve Souders is Yahoo's chief peformance guru and the author of High Performance Web Sites. For the past three years, Steve has led a team investigati...