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Mixing Metaphors or; How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love JavaScript - Aaron Patterson
Category: Languages > Ruby      Posted: 08 Feb 09

Using Johnson (, we'll show how tightly Ruby and JavaScript can be integrated. We'll demonstrate seamless, bidirectional...

Automated Web Application Testing with Selenium
Category: Languages > Testing      Posted: 04 Feb 09

Selenium is a test tool that allows you to write automated web application tests in many programming languages. The test uses any mainstream browser with JavaScript support and can target arbitrary websites. Erik Doernenburg from ThoughtWorks started his talk with a quick demo of creating automated t...

Microsoft Visual Studio: Web Development Futures - TL48
Category: Web Development >      Posted: 12 Dec 08

Get a first look at the next version of Visual Studio for web developers. See how the new deployment tools enable frictionless transfers of web project...

Microsoft Visual Studio: Easing ASP.NET Web Deployment - PC33
Category: Web Development >      Posted: 12 Dec 08

Learn how to use the web.config transformation engine to transform a developer web.config file to production. See how to create specific transformation...

Nicholas C. Zakas: Test-Driven Development with YUI Test
Category: Languages > Testing      Posted: 10 Nov 08

Yahoo! engineer and YUI Test developer Nicholas C. Zakas provides an introduction to the concepts of test-driven development (TDD) and shows how to app...

Douglas Crockford: Web Forward
Category: Web Development > Javascript      Posted: 10 Nov 08

Yahoo! JavaScript Architect Douglas Crockford argues that to take the web forward we need to look back to the days of the great browser wars when inn...

High Performance Web Sites: 14 Rules for Faster Pages
Category: Web Development > Javascript      Posted: 10 Oct 07

Steve Souders is Yahoo's chief peformance guru and the author of High Performance Web Sites. For the past three years, Steve has led a team investigati...

Simple Sql Injection
Category: Database > General      Posted: 22 May 07

A SQL injection screencast. Provides a detailed step by step view of how hacker can exploit SQL Injection vulnerability

diff/LCS screencast: How difference engines work
Category: Web Development > Coldfusion      Posted: 22 May 07

For those of you with a spare 12 minutes to learn something new today, I’ve made a quick screencast on how the Longest Common Subsequence problem works, how it is applied to finding differences between text documents, and how it can be implemented and optimized in ColdFusion. Admittedly, there...

Java2Script Desktop and Web GUIs
Category: Languages > Java      Posted: 06 May 07

Steven Devijver introduces the fantastic Java2Script tool which lets you write a GUI in Java and then converts the code into JavaScript so it runs in a...

PHP Pagination
Category: Web Development > PHP      Posted: 05 May 07

You wanted it, so here it is - Pagination with PHP and MySQL! Pagination, as described in the video, is the process of breaking a bunch of results, from a MySQL Query, up into specific pages, which themselves list a set number of items each. This process can be viewed on almost any reputable site tha...

Processing Forms
Category: Web Development > PHP      Posted: 05 May 07

Example of an html form processed by a PHP script on server side.