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Learning Hudson: Setting up to run and report Unit Test results
Category: Languages > .net      Posted: 27 Jun 09

In this episode we will continue taking a look at how to setup the Hudson build server for usage in a .net environment.

We will be taking a look at how we can use Hudson to report our Unit Tests results after each build. We will be looking at both reporting NUnit and MSTest results and wil...

Steve Freeman On TDD: How Do We Know When We’re Done?
Category: Languages > Testing      Posted: 05 Jun 08

Writing a test makes you clarify your ideas about what needs to be done, and making the test pass means that you know that you've added a little more f...

Designing for Testability
Category: Languages > Testing      Posted: 05 Jun 08

In this interview from QCon San Francisco 2007, Cédric Beust discusses designing and architecting for testability, problems that hinder testability, t...

Designing for Testability
Category: Languages > Testing      Posted: 21 Mar 08

In this presentation from QCon San Francisco, Cedric Beust and Alexandru Popescu discuss interesting features of TestNG such as grouping of tests, data...

WatiN and Ajax Unit Testing
Category: Languages > Testing      Posted: 24 Jan 08

The above video demonstrates WatiN integrated with nUnit which together creates a brilliant environment to run functional "Unit Tests" on GUI libraries. Watch the video for an interesting demonstration of how to integrate Unit Testing into your Ajax GUI projects.

Eclipse And Java Introducing Persistence
Category: Tools > Eclipse      Posted: 22 Oct 07

This free video screencam tutorial will teach you how to save your Java objects to disk files using Eclipse version 3.3. This is for beginning program...

Eclipse And Java For Total Beginners
Category: Tools > Eclipse      Posted: 22 Oct 07

This free video screencast tutorial will help get you started writing Java programs using Eclipse version 3.3. No prior experience with Eclipse or Jav...

Doubling the value of automated tests
Category: Others > Discussion      Posted: 05 Jun 07

Google London Test Automation Conference (LTAC) Google Tech Talks September 7th, 2006 Presenter: Rick Mugridge

Recording a Selenium test
Category: Web Development > Ajax      Posted: 30 May 07

Selenium IDE is an integrated development environment for Selenium tests. It is implemented as a Firefox extension, and allows you to record, edit, and debug tests. Selenium IDE includes the entire Selenium Core, allowing you to easily and quickly record and play back tests in the actual environment ...

Ruby Unit Tests and More
Category: Tools > Textmate      Posted: 18 May 07

James Edward Gray shows how to apply unit tests to solving Ruby Quiz #84: Generating Pascal’s Triangle. In the process he also demonstrates a lot of features from the Ruby bundle and explains conventions and rationale behind them