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rush, a shell that will yield to you - Nicholas Schlueter
Category: Languages > Ruby      Posted: 07 Feb 09

rush ( as defined by the website is: a replacement for the unix shell (bash, zsh, etc) which uses pure Ruby syntax. Grep throug...

TextMate: Working with Comments
Category: Tools > Editor      Posted: 11 Jul 08

In a recent email exchange with Allan Odgaard, creator of TextMate, I asked if he had any suggestions for tips that would make for a good screencast. Allan mentioned that on the TextMate IRC, there are often questions about working with comments. And with that, he shared a list of tips that you’ll fi...

Using Ruby within TextMate snippets and commands
Category: Tools > Editor      Posted: 13 Jun 08

I didn’t know you could run Ruby within TextMate snippets. As a consequence, a lot of the TextMate bundles I work on either have simplistic Snippets or...

Installing Ruby and Ruby On Rails from scratch on OS X using DarwinPorts
Category: Web Development > Ruby On Rails      Posted: 09 Jun 07

This screencast that shows you how to setup the following from a fresh install of Mac OS X Tiger (10.4.8) I started by installing OS X on a firewire drive, then I setup the basic stuff you’ll need to develop in Ruby and Ruby on Rails. Although Locomotive does a good job of getting you started fast...

Using Textmate with ColdFusion
Category: Tools > Textmate      Posted: 05 Jun 07

This screencast gives you an idea of what it’s like using Textmate with ColdFusion. It shows a quick example of creating a newsletter application. It...

Ross Harmes's YUI Bundle for TextMate
Category: Tools > Textmate      Posted: 19 May 07

screencast demonstration of Ross Harmes's TextMate bundle for YUI inlcuding syntax colorization, autocompletion, and integrated documentation retrieval...

Python Usage 101
Category: Tools > Textmate      Posted: 18 May 07

Domenico Carbotta shows how to write a small Python program using some useful Python shortcuts like an intelligent class snippet for auto-initialization of object data, and how to run the program from within TextMate

LaTeX Intro
Category: Tools > Textmate      Posted: 18 May 07

This is the first of several screencasts focusing on the LaTeX bundle. Recorded and narrated by Charilaos Skiadas.

LaTeX Projects
Category: Tools > Textmate      Posted: 18 May 07

Learn how to use TextMate's project window, how to set up a master LaTeX file, references, label completion, and the magic that is pdfsync.

Screenwriting Bundle
Category: Tools > Textmate      Posted: 18 May 07

This video goes through the behavioral features of the screenwriting bundle by Oliver Taylor.

It should be interesting even for non-screenwriters, as it is an impressive demonstration of how much automation one can achieve without writing a single line of code (the author of the screenwrit...

Context Sensitive Snippet Expansion
Category: Tools > Textmate      Posted: 18 May 07

Oliver Taylor shows how snippet expansion can be made context sensitive plus a few other features of TextMate.

This is one of several screencasts which introduce the user to writing screenplays in TextMate

Objective-C Snippets
Category: Tools > Textmate      Posted: 18 May 07

Some of the Objective-C snippets responsible for my increased productivity :)

It was recorded and narrated by myself (Allan Odgaard) and lack of a script made me forget a few points, amongst other that the user should look in the Objective-C bundle (Bundle Editor) and the chapters on snipp...