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Taking a look at how to separate out your WCF service project into multiple parts
Category: Languages > .net      Posted: 25 Jun 09

In this episode we will take a look at how you can break your WCF service into multiple projects.

We will walk you though how it is possible to put your WCF contracts into a commong project which can be shared by others, as well as how to put you domain entities into their own project. Hav...

Introduction to WCF: Creating your first Service
Category: Languages > .net      Posted: 24 Jun 09

In this episode we will take a look at how to create your first WCF service. We will first walk you though the ABCs of what a WCF service is, we will then show you step by step how you can create a service

Strategies for Design
Category: Architecture > IT Architect      Posted: 19 Jun 09

Taking Governance to the Edge
Service-oriented architecture (SOA) gives businesses a new way of getting work done, but SOA brings with it the...

Integration Interchange
Category: Architecture > IT Architect      Posted: 19 Jun 09

Architecture in the systems world is as vast as the galaxy, and architects who operate in it have unique challenges like no other role that comes to...

Spring / BlazeDS Integration on Adobe TV
Category: Web Development > Flex      Posted: 28 Feb 09

In this episode, I demonstrate how to build Flex applications that connect to a Spring back-end using the new Spring / BlazeDS Integration project.

If you are interested in this integration, make sure you check out the Spring / BlazeDS Integration page on the