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Advanced Page Caching
Category: Web Development > Ruby On Rails      Posted: 28 Feb 09

Page caching is pretty simple to do, but what happens when you need pagination or dynamic data on your pages? Can you still use page caching? In this screencast we'll start out showing how to solve these problems and finish up with my first rant of the series "Login status is overrated."

Endless Page
Category: Web Development > Ruby On Rails      Posted: 27 Jun 08

Ever wondered how some sites seem to have endless scrolling page with no pagination? Find out how easy it is to do this in Rails in this episode

Subsonic : Paging A Gridview
Category: Languages > .net      Posted: 22 Jul 07

Paging isn't always the easiest thing to figure out - and sometimes not the most performant thing you can do to a we site. Here's a webcast to show you how to set it up both ways: the ASP way, and the SubSonic way.

Category: Web Development > Ruby On Rails      Posted: 04 Jul 07

In edge rails (soon to be Rails 2.0), the built-in pagination has been moved into a plugin: classic_pagination. I recommend jumping over to the will_paginate plugin as shown in this episode.

PHP Pagination
Category: Web Development > PHP      Posted: 05 May 07

You wanted it, so here it is - Pagination with PHP and MySQL! Pagination, as described in the video, is the process of breaking a bunch of results, from a MySQL Query, up into specific pages, which themselves list a set number of items each. This process can be viewed on almost any reputable site tha...