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Leveraging Cecil to inject code into your Assemblies
Category: Languages > .net      Posted: 19 Jun 09

In this episode you will learn how to leverage the power of Cecil to alter your assemblies post compilation.

You will learn how to use Cecil (an assembly reader-writer from the Mono project) to inject common code implementations into an assembly. This frees up the developer from writing mu...

White testing Plastic
Category: Languages > Testing      Posted: 08 Mar 09

Ever heard of White? You should.

White is a promising testing framework based on the UI Automation APIs which enables you to write tests in C# (or your favorite .NET language).

Why is it interesting? I think there're several reasons but, for me, the main ones are:

Mono and .NET - PC54
Category: Languages > .net      Posted: 11 Dec 08

See how Mono, the open source implementation of the .NET Framework, offers a platform for developers to leverage .NET in new and unconventional scenari...

Mono and its many facets screencast
Category: Languages > .net      Posted: 26 Dec 07

Mono, is an alternative open source implementation of the CLI spec. It's a compiler implementation and a library implementation and they can be use separately. What that means is that you can compile with Mono, run against their libraries, or you can compile on MSFT and run against their libraries......