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Testing Abstract classes with Rhino Mocks
Category: Languages > .net      Posted: 25 Mar 09

In this episode we will walk you though how to test your abstract classes with Rhino Mocks.

You will learn how that by using a mocking framework you can simplify and reduce the friction in testing your abstract classes and methods.

Introduction to Mocking with Moq
Category: Languages > .net      Posted: 18 Mar 09

In this episode we will learn how to use the Mocking framework Moq. This is an introductory overview of using Moq and is meant for those who are new to either mocking or Moq.

Testing Heresies - Francis Hwang
Category: Languages > Ruby      Posted: 08 Feb 09

Sure, we're all supposed to be testing here in Ruby-land. But if you think about it too much, you might come up with some inconvenient questions. Shou...

Mocha and Stubba
Category: Web Development > Ruby On Rails      Posted: 10 Dec 08

Kevin Clark shows us how to use mocks and stubs in your Ruby tests using Mocha and Stubba