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Writing modular applications using Merb - Yehuda Katz
Category: Web Development > Ruby On Rails      Posted: 19 Feb 09

The Merb web framework prizes a modular architecture, but how can you use that same philosophy in your web applications?

The default Merb ...

Writing Code That Doesn't Suck: Interface Oriented Design - Yehuda Katz
Category: Languages > Ruby      Posted: 08 Feb 09

Buzzwords like BDD, TDD, ATDD, RDD, and DDD may have convinced you that writing great, maintainable code is just a matter of following a few simple in...

Category: Web Development > Ruby On Rails      Posted: 10 Dec 08

Much like Rails, Merb is a MVC web-framework written in Ruby. In this talk, Jordan Fowler introduces Merb and presents some of the distinctions and tra...

The Return of Kevin Clark
Category: Web Development > Ruby On Rails      Posted: 10 Dec 08

Kevin Clark takes a break from Powerset to give a full-throttle talk on using Merb as a JSON-RPC service, god, gem2rpm, and heckle.

Category: Languages > Ruby      Posted: 10 Dec 08

Chris Van Pelt gives us an introduction to Merb. Merb is a Ruby framework built by Ezra Zygmuntowicz.