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Installing Ruby and Ruby On Rails from scratch on OS X using DarwinPorts
Category: Web Development > Ruby On Rails      Posted: 09 Jun 07

This screencast that shows you how to setup the following from a fresh install of Mac OS X Tiger (10.4.8) I started by installing OS X on a firewire drive, then I setup the basic stuff you’ll need to develop in Ruby and Ruby on Rails. Although Locomotive does a good job of getting you started fast...

Open Folders and more with Quicksilver
Category: Applications > QuickSilver      Posted: 01 Jun 07

I am still working on the overview video of Quicksilver, but in the meantime you can see how I use it to open folders and even move documents from folder to folder. It is much easier to see than to explain, so I would watch the video first. Now, why would I want to do it this way as opposed to draggi...

Quicksilver and the Address Book
Category: Applications > QuickSilver      Posted: 01 Jun 07

Quicksilver works great with the Address Book. With Quicksilver you can look up a contacts phone number really quickly, copy their address to paste in another document, add notes to any contacts and more. This is integration with Address Book is one of my most popular uses for this program.

Quicksilver - Access Minimized Windows
Category: Applications > QuickSilver      Posted: 01 Jun 07

Quicksilver does an awful lot of things from the keyboard, but accessing windows that have been minimized isn’t typically in the cards. While some of you may choose to hide your application windows when not using them, I’m still of the camp that minimizes them - call it a Windows hold-over practi...

Using TagBot to Tag Your Files
Category: Platforms > Mac      Posted: 01 Jun 07

I’ve written at great length about using Metadata to keep track of your files, even going so far as an alternative to folder hierarchies. But amongst the barriers to entry is the difficulty in actually tagging those files and subsequently keeping track of those tags that are being used.

The [Updated] Quicksilver Setup
Category: Applications > QuickSilver      Posted: 01 Jun 07

So almost a year ago to the day (ok, off by a week), I posted an early screencast which showed the setup I use for Quicksilver. The intent then - as it is now - was to show all of you exactly which items are check-marked and how everything’s set, so in cast you want to play along at home, you can t...

Pimp My Quicksilver
Category: Applications > QuickSilver      Posted: 01 Jun 07

As I’ve been known to do, I take requests, and this screencast is an example of that practice. The question has been asked several times in the past about the look of my Quicksilver interface. There’s no special Quicksilver Foo that I’ve applied, as always, it’s just knowing where to look. So...

Skitch Preview
Category: Platforms > Mac      Posted: 01 Jun 07

I’m proud to bring you a screencast preview of Skitch, which is a fantastic new screen grab and image editing app from Plasq - and it most definitely is a big deal. “So what, it’s a screen capture utility.” Well Skitch is one of the most well thought-out pieces of software I’ve used in qui...

Quicksilver - Image Manipulation
Category: Applications > QuickSilver      Posted: 01 Jun 07

I’ve been stockpiling ideas of the gems I’d still like to show you in Quicksilver, and among them is the Image Manipulation plugin. However, a quick search shows that I [sort of] covered it about a year ago. I say sort of, because it was just the dawn of this Quicksilver screencast idea and it wa...

Geektool Quickie
Category: Platforms > Mac      Posted: 01 Jun 07

Last week I pointed to LifeHacker’s great rundown of Geektool. It’s one of those tools that just blends in and you sort of forget about it. This is just what I’d done, and thus had never really covered it in this screencast.

Quicksilver - Quick Emails
Category: Applications > QuickSilver      Posted: 01 Jun 07

I’m going to show you one of my favorite uses for Quicksilver. Sending emails was once lazy way of writing a letter. Now email is so common, how do we send an email with even less effort? Enter Quicksilver. With the proper know-how, you don’t even need to open a new mail window, or a browser to s...

Quicksilver - Arrowing
Category: Applications > QuickSilver      Posted: 01 Jun 07

Watch the screencast, and you’ll get a feel for using the right (and left) arrow keys to drill down into applications for quicker access to data. In the demo you’ll see that I only used iTunes as an example. I tried running the screencast by demoing the likes of Address Book, Transmit, and so on,...