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First GlassFish v3 screencast
Category: Languages > Java      Posted: 30 May 07

I took some time off coding to do a screencast on GlassFish v3, this should be interesting to many. GlassFish V3 started for me a few months back with the creation of the v3 cvs branch and since then, I have been happily coding some experimental pre-work. Today, GlassFish v3 which will be a modular a...

Creating an expressive application using Flex, Hibernate, and XFire
Category: Web Development > Flex      Posted: 23 May 07

In this screen-capture tutorial, follow along as renowned Java author Bruce Eckel and Adobe's James Ward pair up to create an expressive application use Adobe Flex, Hibernate, and XFire

Java2Script Desktop and Web GUIs
Category: Languages > Java      Posted: 06 May 07

Steven Devijver introduces the fantastic Java2Script tool which lets you write a GUI in Java and then converts the code into JavaScript so it runs in a...

Installing Java Psion Link
Category: Languages > Java      Posted: 06 May 07

John Montgomery demonstrates how to connect a Psion computer to a Mac running OS X using his Java Psion Link.

Writing an Applet with Java
Category: Languages > Java      Posted: 06 May 07

Writing games or demos can be good fun and packaging them up as a Java Applet can be an effective way to showcase your work on a website. In this serie...

Using Eclipse for Java Programming
Category: Tools > Eclipse      Posted: 05 May 07

The Eclipse IDE can be a little daunting to the uninitiated. These ShowMeDos demonstrate some of the features you need to start using Eclipse for progr...

Java Video Tutorial
Category: Languages > Java      Posted: 05 Apr 07

This tutorial is the first of a collection of basic java video tutorials that will get you started. In this tutorial you will learn how to install the ...

Java-GNOME with Eclipse and Glade ( Linux Java GNOME )
Category: Languages > Java      Posted: 06 Feb 07

This is a video showing how to use Java-GNOME [] with Eclipse and Glade ( a user interface designer)