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Animations on eSWT applications using SAT
Category: Others > Misc      Posted: 08 Mar 09

SWT Animation Toolkit (SAT) is more or less the only option that I am aware, for SWT animations until Eclipse E4 starts to provide animations for SWT. ...

Your screen orientation changes but does your eSWT adjust?
Category: Others > Misc      Posted: 08 Mar 09

The late editions to the eSWT enabled phones, such as N97 and the 5800, come with a load of features that are significant to mobile UI development. Pos...

eSWT Snippet Video from S60
Category: Others > Misc      Posted: 08 Mar 09

As a response to a question on the Forum Nokia discussion boards. I have created an eSWT Midlet version of the SWT snippet104 that shows how to create ...

Whats new in Drools 5 video and Q&A session
Category: Languages > Java      Posted: 08 Mar 09

Last week (very late night my time) we had a "webex" online seminar talking about what is new in Drools 5, followed by a question and answer session.

Distributed programming is simple and fun - Hazalcast
Category: Languages > Java      Posted: 08 Mar 09

Normally people thinks that distributed/clustered things are so complicated, need tones of configuration and require lots of product specific knowledge. This Hazelcast screencast is aiming to show how simple and fun distributed programming can be. In this screencast we will:

  • downloa...

  • Spring / BlazeDS Integration on Adobe TV
    Category: Web Development > Flex      Posted: 28 Feb 09

    In this episode, I demonstrate how to build Flex applications that connect to a Spring back-end using the new Spring / BlazeDS Integration project.

    If you are interested in this integration, make sure you check out the Spring / BlazeDS Integration page on the

    Intro to Grails with RESTful Web Services
    Category: Languages > Java      Posted: 18 Feb 09

    This presentation discusses some of the fundamental concepts of Grails and dives into an example that demonstrates how to build RESTful Web Services with Grails.

    Building a high volume, low latency system in Java
    Category: Languages > Java      Posted: 06 Feb 09

    The "Coding the Architecture" User Group is community for hands-on, pragmatic software architects. Join th is meeting, which will feature discussions on high volume, low latency systems in Java.

    The "Coding the Architecture" User Group is community for hands-on, pragmatic software architec...

    .Net Web Service Using Java
    Category: Languages > .net      Posted: 06 Feb 09

    Do you need to consume a .net webservice using Java? Well, both Daniel and Mike have real world experience integrating with .Net Web Services. In this presentation they show how to do this using Apache AXIS, and compare it with JAXWS.

    Mike Burton talks about his and D...

    Spring for .NET - Making Best Practices Easy Practices
    Category: Languages > .net      Posted: 05 Feb 09

    Russ Miles, SpringSource senior consultant and author of Head First Software Development, talks through some of the best practices that Spring for .NET helps open source .NET developers to apply.

    The talk starts with a brief description of dependency injection and why it is required for a ...

    Java AND .NET
    Category: Languages > Java      Posted: 04 Feb 09

    Java and .NET represent the lion's share of enterprise development. In this In-the-Brain session we learned how the two environments can interoperate with one another, not only over web services, but also via in-process channels and other methods. The session also convered leveraging the strengths of...

    Automated Web Application Testing with Selenium
    Category: Languages > Testing      Posted: 04 Feb 09

    Selenium is a test tool that allows you to write automated web application tests in many programming languages. The test uses any mainstream browser with JavaScript support and can target arbitrary websites. Erik Doernenburg from ThoughtWorks started his talk with a quick demo of creating automated t...