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Zend_Form Introduction, Part 2
Category: Web Development > PHP      Posted: 02 Aug 09

This video is part 2 of my introduction to Zend_Form. These last two videos have been a bit long since Zend_Form has a lot of behavior.

I've also included the source code for this video. Hopefully this will help you follow along.

Zend_Form Introduction, part 1
Category: Web Development > PHP      Posted: 02 Aug 09

This screencast ran a little long, and unfortunately I'll have to post the rest next week. We start with creating a DTO (Data Transfer Object) that will house our data as we pass it from the Controller, to the form and then back to the view. Zend_Form is used for validation and rendering

Introduction to FLIR
Category: Web Development > Other      Posted: 31 Jul 09

FLIR (Face Lift Image Replacement) bills itself as an 'alternative to sIFR”. They are definitely in the same category. sIFR has some extra functionalit...

Introduction to AutoMapper
Category: Languages > .net      Posted: 27 Jun 09

In this episode we will take a look at how we can simplify our entity mapping by using AutoMapper.

AutoMapper uses a fluent configuration API to define an object-object mapping strategy. AutoMapper uses a convention-based matching algorithm to match up source to destination values. Current...

Introduction to NHibernate: Intermediate NHibernate Usage (Part 6)
Category: Languages > .net      Posted: 24 Jun 09

In the 7th and final episode of this series, you'll see some code examples of working with collections of related objects and how lazy loading and cascade operations work from a code perspective.

We'll also discuss object lifecycle management in NHibernate as well as guidance on how to man...

Introduction to jQuery
Category: Web Development > Javascript      Posted: 23 Jun 09

The popular JavaScript library jQuery is an amazing way to extend the design possibilities of your site beyond what CSS can do. But luckily, if you are...

Introducing ASP.NET MVC
Category: Web Development >      Posted: 09 Mar 09

This screencast provides a quick introduction to ASP.NET MVC, showing you how to create a minimal MVC application, and then add a controller, a view, s...

An introduction to M (Oslo)
Category: Languages > .net      Posted: 09 Mar 09

An intro to Oslo's M language as a way to create tables for your application data

Intro to jQuery with John Resig
Category: Web Development > Javascript      Posted: 17 Feb 09

jQuery is increasingly becoming one of the most popular JavaScript libraries to use. jQuery is a concise open source JavaScript Library used for DOM traversal, event handling, Ajax requests, and animations.

In this introduction, we look at what makes jQuery unique and why it helps you t...

Introduction to Ruby
Category: Web Development > Ruby On Rails      Posted: 29 Oct 07

This mini-series of videos aims to get you up and running with Ruby as quickly as possible. It doesn't necessarily assume a computer science background...

Introducing the YUI Compressor
Category: Web Development > Google      Posted: 23 Oct 07

In this brief 3-minute video, Yahoo! engineer and technical evangelist Julien Lecomte describes the rationale behind and philosophy underlying the new ...

Eclipse And Java Introducing Persistence
Category: Tools > Eclipse      Posted: 22 Oct 07

This free video screencam tutorial will teach you how to save your Java objects to disk files using Eclipse version 3.3. This is for beginning program...