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Multibutton Form
Category: Web Development > Ruby On Rails      Posted: 03 Jun 07

If you have a form with multiple buttons, you can detect which button was clicked by checking the passed parameters. Learn how in this episode.

Open Folders and more with Quicksilver
Category: Applications > QuickSilver      Posted: 01 Jun 07

I am still working on the overview video of Quicksilver, but in the meantime you can see how I use it to open folders and even move documents from folder to folder. It is much easier to see than to explain, so I would watch the video first. Now, why would I want to do it this way as opposed to draggi...

Putting Flickr on Rails
Category: Web Development > Ruby On Rails      Posted: 30 May 07

Ruby on Rails is not just for playing with your local database, it's for taking on the web. So in 5 minutes, we create a web-based search engine for Flickr using their public API with all the fades and glamour of Ajax

Creating a weblog in 15 minutes
Category: Web Development > Ruby On Rails      Posted: 30 May 07

In 15 minutes, we go from scratch to complete weblog engine: with comments and an administrative interface. But since the actual application only took 58 lines to complete, we also have time left over to do unit testing, examine the logs, and play around with the domain model.

How to use OpenID
Category: Web Development > Plugin      Posted: 07 May 07

OpenID lets you log in to different sites without having to create a new username and password for each one. This screencast demonstrates OpenID in action.

Python Newbies on XP
Category: Languages > Python      Posted: 06 May 07

This series aims to get you up and running with Python on Windows XP. Here I have distilled for you the knowledge that I wanted when I first started wi...

Introduction to Perl
Category: Languages > Perl      Posted: 06 May 07

Want or need to deal with Perl scripts? Here's the introduction to the Perl programming language you've been looking for. This ShowMeDo series teaches ...

Java Video Tutorial
Category: Languages > Java      Posted: 05 Apr 07

This tutorial is the first of a collection of basic java video tutorials that will get you started. In this tutorial you will learn how to install the ...

Java-GNOME with Eclipse and Glade ( Linux Java GNOME )
Category: Languages > Java      Posted: 06 Feb 07

This is a video showing how to use Java-GNOME [] with Eclipse and Glade ( a user interface designer)

Skype running on a Motorola Q
Category: Chat & Email > Skype      Posted: 06 Feb 07

So since I got the Q, one of the applications that I was dying to try was VOIP. Any voip would do, unfortunately, finding a voip client written for Win...

How to Use Skype: A Video Tutorial
Category: Chat & Email > Skype      Posted: 06 Feb 07

Although Skype states their VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) application is relatively "easy to download, install and use", a visual tutorial may he...