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Category: Web Development > Javascript      Posted: 07 Jun 08

jQuery is a JavaScript library that stands out among its competitors because it is faster, focuses on writing less code, and is very extensible. In t...

IntelliJ IDEA Architecture and Performance
Category: Languages > Java      Posted: 07 Jun 08

Dmitry Jemerov, Development Lead for IntelliJ IDEA at JetBrains, will explain:

  • performance optimization techniques used in IntelliJ IDEA
  • Nereus: Massively Parallel Computation in Java
    Category: Languages > Java      Posted: 07 Jun 08

    With 1 Billion idle PC's in the world, there is approximately $100 Billion's worth of CPU time going to waste every year. Given that insatiable global ...

    The New NIO, aka JSR-203
    Category: Languages > Java      Posted: 07 Jun 08

    JSR-203 is the NIO update JSR scheduled for release with Java 7. This talk will present an overview of the new NIO features and improvements

    A Possible Future of Software Development
    Category: Open Source > General      Posted: 07 Jun 08

    This talk begins with an overview of software development at Adobe and a look at industry trends towards systems built around object oriented framework...

    Aspect-Oriented Modeling - what it is and what it's good for
    Category: Languages > Java      Posted: 07 Jun 08

    In software engineering, aspects are concerns that cut across multiple modules. They can lead to the common problems of concern tangling and scattering...

    Story Driven Modeling with Fujaba: Turning Scenarios into Automated Tests
    Category: Languages > Testing      Posted: 07 Jun 08

    Story Driven Modeling (SDM) is a systematic software development approach based on scencario analysis on model level. Usual text book approaches start ...

    Ruby And Google Maps
    Category: Languages > Ruby      Posted: 28 Mar 08

    Andre will be covering topics such as the following:

  • ImageMagick and geographic data: creating custom Google Map overlays with RMagick
  • Google...

  • JRuby: The power of Java and Ruby
    Category: Languages > Ruby      Posted: 28 Mar 08

    Ola Bini works for ThoughtWorks Studios, and recently published the book Practical JRuby on Rails at APress. I’m very interested in Artificial Intell...

    A Search Engine Architecture Based on Collection Selection
    Category: Others > Misc      Posted: 04 Jan 08

    We present a distributed architecture for a Web search engine, based on the concept of collection selection. We introduce a novel approach to partition...

    Remote Profiling of Web Server Resources Using Mini-Flash Crowds
    Category: Others > Misc      Posted: 04 Jan 08

    Unexpected surges in Web request traffic can exercise server-side resources such as access bandwidth, processing and storage in unanticipated ways. Ser...

    Theory and Practice of Cryptography
    Category: Security > Other      Posted: 04 Jan 08

    Topics include: Introduction to Modern Cryptography, Using Cryptography in Practice, Proofs of Security and Security Definitions and A Special Topic in...