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Part 2: Getting around and using the IPython interpreter
Category: Languages > Python      Posted: 21 Jun 09

We discuss some of the 'magic' commands, how to use the command history, how to use the editor, some useful keystrokes, and how to get interactive help.

How I Can Code Twice As Fast As You
Category: Tools > Editor      Posted: 06 Apr 09

We're all familiar with text expander programs; though I would surmise that the percentage of us who use them when coding is quite low. To change thing...

TextMate: Working with Comments
Category: Tools > Editor      Posted: 11 Jul 08

In a recent email exchange with Allan Odgaard, creator of TextMate, I asked if he had any suggestions for tips that would make for a good screencast. Allan mentioned that on the TextMate IRC, there are often questions about working with comments. And with that, he shared a list of tips that youll fi...

New JavaScript editor in NetBeans 6.1
Category: Tools > Editor      Posted: 06 May 08

NetBeans IDE 6.1 contains a completely new JavaScript editor which provides many advanced editing capabilities such as intelligent code completion, mark occurences, rename refactoring, on-fly analysis of JavaScript libraries, support for many Ajax frameworks and more. Watch this screencast to discove...

iPhone: Server Preview
Category: Tools > Aptana      Posted: 14 Jul 07

Learn about the iPhone server, console logging, and calling functions.

iPhone: Intro
Category: Tools > Aptana      Posted: 14 Jul 07

Intro to using the Aptana plug-in for iPhone developement

Aptana RadRails: Intro
Category: Tools > Aptana      Posted: 14 Jul 07

Intro to using Aptana RadRails

Adobe AIR: Intro
Category: Tools > Aptana      Posted: 14 Jul 07

Intro to using Adobe AIR with Aptana

Using Textmate with ColdFusion
Category: Tools > Textmate      Posted: 05 Jun 07

This screencast gives you an idea of what it’s like using Textmate with ColdFusion. It shows a quick example of creating a newsletter application. It...

eXe for ePortfolio authoring
Category: Web Development > Other      Posted: 05 Jun 07

I’ve been using eXe for some project work lately, and thought it might be handy to do a quick and dirty screencast of what it’s like to author content using eXe. It’s an open source, cross platform website authoring tool that uses some of the same patterns that Pachyderm does - structured conte...

Page Numbering in Writer
Category: Others > Misc      Posted: 05 Jun 07

screencast that shows how to do title pages without page numbers and how to reset/restart page numbers in writer

See Java Studio Creator 2 in Action
Category: Tools > Editor      Posted: 30 May 07

See how you can develop web applications and portlets in this entertaining, high-level look at the IDE and its capabilities (flash).