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Part 3: Using on-line documentation for a short case study on computing integrals
Category: Languages > Python      Posted: 21 Jun 09

Scipy and numpy are too vast to discuss their constituent components. Instead, we take a simple case study where we want to compute the integral of sampled data and illustrate how to use the on-line documentation effectively.

Tap -[not] a talk about replacing rake - Simon Chiang
Category: Languages > Ruby      Posted: 08 Feb 09

In this talk I will present a task application framework called Tap. Tap on the surface acts like a supercharged rake, with similar declaration syntax...

Markus Voelter about Software Architecture Documentation
Category: Architecture > Documentation      Posted: 05 Jun 08

During OOPSLA 2007, InfoQ interviewed Markus Voelter asking him about creating software architecture documentation. Many people mention UML when they a...

Aptana - Code Assist
Category: Tools > Aptana      Posted: 20 May 07

Learn to leverage Code Assist and available documentation from other JavaScript libraries.

Aptana - ScriptDoc
Category: Tools > Aptana      Posted: 20 May 07

Learn how to use the powerful ScriptDoc tool to add useful documentation for Code Assist.

Aptana - MochiKit Docs
Category: Tools > Aptana      Posted: 20 May 07

Watch this screencast to see how easily you can access the MochiKit docs from your code.

Paul Colton Demonstrates YUI Integration in Aptana
Category: Tools > Aptana      Posted: 19 May 07

In this screencast, Aptana founder Paul Colton demonstrates YUI authoring support in the multiplatform Aptana IDE -- including project setup, code comp...

AppleScript Bundle Part 1
Category: Tools > Textmate      Posted: 18 May 07

Jacob Rus demonstrates the basics of the AppleScript bundle, including running scripts from within TextMate, adding basic user-interactive dialogs, and looking up AppleScript documentation.

Category: Languages > Python      Posted: 06 May 07

Docudo is a tool for writing and maintaining documentation for software projects. It relies on Su...