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Adding a New Feature to DimeCasts.Net - Data Access
Category: Languages > .net      Posted: 25 Mar 09

In this episode we will start a new series where we are going to be walking through the coding process of adding a new feature to the website. In this episode we will create the needed data access to allow us to pull the data correctly.

Java Persistence and EJB3
Category: Languages > Java      Posted: 07 Jun 08

This talk covers the key aspects of the Java Persistence API and its role in the development of EJB 3 app, including use of the EntityManager API, pers...

Painless Persistence with Castle ActiveRecord
Category: Languages > .net      Posted: 05 Jun 08

This presentation by Hamilton Verissimo and Oren Eini show Castle Active Record - an ORM solution for .NET building on NHibernate. After an introductio...

Distributed Caching Essential Lessons
Category: Languages > Java      Posted: 01 Nov 07

In this presentation, recorded at Javapolis, Cameron Purdy shows how to improve application performance & scalability via caching architectures to redu...