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Open Source ESBs - as good as Belgian Beer?
Category: Open Source > General      Posted: 27 Oct 07

In the talk Paul will look at the capabilities and approach of Open Source ESBs, and argue that the Open Source approach is the best route to creating ...

The Roots of Scrum
Category: Methodology > Project Managment      Posted: 26 Oct 07

In a 60-minute JAOO 2005 talk, Scrum creator Dr. Jeff Sutherland covers the history of Scrum from its inception thru his participation with Ken Schwabe...

10 Steps to Ensure IT Effectiveness
Category: Others > Misc      Posted: 24 Oct 07

In an age of outsourcing and multi-skilled developers, having an effective and efficient IT organization is more important than ever. Learn how to boos...

Performance Tuning Best Practices for MySQL
Category: Database > mySql      Posted: 03 Jun 07

Jay Pipes Jay Pipes is a co-author of the recently published Pro MySQL (Apress, 2005), which covers ... all ยป all of the newest MySQL 5 features, as ...

Securing Your ColdFusion MX Server
Category: Web Development > Coldfusion      Posted: 22 May 07

Learn about best practices and about using security settings in the ColdFusion administrator

Matt Sweeney - Web 2.0: Getting It Right the Second Time
Category: Web Development > Ajax      Posted: 19 May 07

Matt Sweeney, Senior Engineer on the YUI (Yahoo! User Interface Library) team at Yahoo!, delivers a talk on best practices in frontend engineering at Y...