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CardSpaces/InformationCard Screencast
Category: Security > Microsoft      Posted: 26 Dec 07

There's lots of talk lately about CardSpaces and the underlying WS-* technologies (that aren't Microsoft-specific, which is a good thing) that make it all happen.

In this demo, we log in as bill27 using a Username and Password, the way folks usually log in. Then while logged in, we visit...

Configuring IIS7 to support Windows CardSpace sites
Category: Security > Microsoft      Posted: 17 Oct 07

In this screencast, I walk through the processes of configuring IIS7 on Windows Vista to enable a site to support Windows CardSpace:

  • Configuring I...

  • Windows CardSpace Simple Demo Walkthrough
    Category: Security > Microsoft      Posted: 15 Oct 07

    Windows CardSpace is a new feature of Microsoft Windows that helps you better manage and control your personal information and helps shield you from ma...