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Relaxing with CouchDB - Will Leinweber
Category: Database > General      Posted: 19 Feb 09

Will believes that CouchDB, and other document databases, are going to continue to grow in popularity in the future, and it's important that we as deve...

Intro to EC2
Category: Database > General      Posted: 10 Dec 08

Chris Petersen gives an introduction to working with Amazon EC2, and discusses the advantages and disadvantage to hosting your Ruby applications there....

Lazy Indexing
Category: Database > General      Posted: 10 Dec 08

Matt Aimonetti shows how to quickly get your database queries to run faster when you are not a DBA and are running out of time.

An Introduction to SQLite
Category: Database > General      Posted: 06 May 08

Richard Hipp ABSTRACT SQLite is a small C library that implements a self-contained, embeddable, zero-configuration SQL database engine. SQLite implemen...

Database Refactoring
Category: Database > General      Posted: 07 Nov 07

Like other leaders in the Agile community, Scott Ambler is passionate about expanding Agile practices to include all contributors to software success. ...

Simple Sql Injection
Category: Database > General      Posted: 22 May 07

A SQL injection screencast. Provides a detailed step by step view of how hacker can exploit SQL Injection vulnerability