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White testing Plastic
Category: Languages > Testing      Posted: 08 Mar 09

Ever heard of White? You should.

White is a promising testing framework based on the UI Automation APIs which enables you to write tests in C# (or your favorite .NET language).

Why is it interesting? I think there're several reasons but, for me, the main ones are:

Automated Web Application Testing with Selenium
Category: Languages > Testing      Posted: 04 Feb 09

Selenium is a test tool that allows you to write automated web application tests in many programming languages. The test uses any mainstream browser with JavaScript support and can target arbitrary websites. Erik Doernenburg from ThoughtWorks started his talk with a quick demo of creating automated t...

Testing Web Applications with Selenium & Selenium Remote Control
Category: Languages > Testing      Posted: 04 Feb 09

Selenium is a testing tool for web applications that automates browser actions, simulating user interactions with the web page. The Remote Control extension allows Selenium tests to be scripted and executed from common programming environments like Java and .NET.

This session introduces Se...

Open Source Build and Test Workshop
Category: Languages > Testing      Posted: 04 Feb 09

Software developers, QA testers, and IT managers are challenged to rapidly build and test Ajax, Service Oriented Architecture (SOA,) and Rich Internet Applications (RIA) in a time when schedules are short, budgets are tight, standards are few, and much of this is new technology! Find out why AMD, For...

Nicholas C. Zakas: Test-Driven Development with YUI Test
Category: Languages > Testing      Posted: 10 Nov 08

Yahoo! engineer and YUI Test developer Nicholas C. Zakas provides an introduction to the concepts of test-driven development (TDD) and shows how to app...

Hakan Erdogmus on TDD Misunderstandings and Adoption Issues
Category: Languages > Testing      Posted: 10 Aug 08

In this interview made during Agile 2007, Dr. Hakan Erdogmus, Editor in Chief of IEEE Software, discusses about TDD starting from a study done by Ron J...

Story Driven Modeling with Fujaba: Turning Scenarios into Automated Tests
Category: Languages > Testing      Posted: 07 Jun 08

Story Driven Modeling (SDM) is a systematic software development approach based on scencario analysis on model level. Usual text book approaches start ...

Steve Freeman On TDD: How Do We Know When We’re Done?
Category: Languages > Testing      Posted: 05 Jun 08

Writing a test makes you clarify your ideas about what needs to be done, and making the test pass means that you know that you've added a little more f...

Designing for Testability
Category: Languages > Testing      Posted: 05 Jun 08

In this interview from QCon San Francisco 2007, Cédric Beust discusses designing and architecting for testability, problems that hinder testability, t...

Designing for Testability
Category: Languages > Testing      Posted: 21 Mar 08

In this presentation from QCon San Francisco, Cedric Beust and Alexandru Popescu discuss interesting features of TestNG such as grouping of tests, data...

WatiN and Ajax Unit Testing
Category: Languages > Testing      Posted: 24 Jan 08

The above video demonstrates WatiN integrated with nUnit which together creates a brilliant environment to run functional "Unit Tests" on GUI libraries. Watch the video for an interesting demonstration of how to integrate Unit Testing into your Ajax GUI projects.

Building Industrial Strength Performance Tools
Category: Languages > Testing      Posted: 03 Dec 07

In this talk we will discuss the issues involved in building industrial-strength performance tools. We first discuss the requirements for such tools, a...