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Tap -[not] a talk about replacing rake - Simon Chiang

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In this talk I will present a task application framework called Tap. Tap on the surface acts like a supercharged rake, with similar declaration syntax and ease of use from the command line. On closer inspection, rake and tap address separate problems in separate domains that overlap in the simplest cases.

Tap facilitates:

  • imperative workflows
  • task configuration, inputs, documentation, and testing
  • gem-based distribution of task libraries

    I've given a short (unpolished) version of the talk I would give at RubyConf at the Boulder Ruby Group meeting. Here is a link to the slides, and to the tap website:

    About Simon Chiang
    Simon is a graduate student studying Biomolecular Structure at CU Denver. He develops bioinformatics tools in Ruby as a part of his thesis work, specifically for running workflows and analyzing proteomics data.

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