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Ruby In the Clouds - Jim Menard

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Ruby In the Clouds is about the challenges and results I've faced bringing Ruby and Rails to the 10gen cloud computing platform. It will most definitely NOT be an advertisement for 10gen, though I do plan to touch on 10gen's high-level architecture and mention that it's Open Source

About Jim Menard
Jim Menard is a veteran geek with 25 years of experience and an interest in computer languages. He has been using Ruby since 2001 and Rails since it was released, and has written articles and given talks on Ruby, Rails, Java, databases, and more. Jim has created and contributed to multiple open source projects such as DataVision, midilib, and NQXML.

Recently, Jim joined 10gen where he is working on their Ruby language implementation and adding improvements to Ruby on Rails to make it more suitable for running in 10gen's cloud computing app server and with their distributed object oriented database

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