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Future of RubyVM

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Koichi Sasada's talk "Future of Ruby VM", where he explains his view of the C implementation of Ruby as the pragmatic solution for the near future, despite some of it's problems such as the conservative GC.

He continues to discuss some optimizations which were implemented for 1.9, which are off for now, but should be enabled in 1.9.2. Examples of these optimizations are tail call optimization, stack caching, efficient method caching and a more efficient Fiber implementation.

At around 20:00, he mentions some of of his research interests. One of them is Ricsin, which allows to embed C source inside Ruby code.

It's differs from RubyInline by allowing to put C snippets inside a Ruby method. The current version received special support in YARV. Ricsin's SVN repository is available publically.

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