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Learn Django: Create a Wiki in 20 minutes

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Learn Django shows how easily and quickly you can get a web application up and running with Django.

In the process we'll introduce the basics of Django so that you can get started out with your own application.     [SUGGEST  A  ARTICLE]

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  • Python - Programming Language
  • Linux
  • Django - High-level Python Web framework
  • [2007-06-30]
    Create a Wiki in 20 minutes

    In this tutorial, I introduce the basics of Django by walking you through the development of a simple wiki application.

    We'll see how you can design your URLs, interact with the database and use the Django template library. As an added bonus, we'll also include support for editing pages using Markdown syntax [ ].

    By the end, you'll see how little time and code it takes to get a simple application up and running.

    Extending the wiki with wikiwords and search

    This is the second part of the Learn Django series. In this part, we'll extend the Wiki app from part 1

    We are going to add support for a menu and auto linking of wikiwords.In the process we will look at template inheritance, filters and custom filter libraries.

    Finally, we'll see how to implement a search feature in under 20 lines of code using Django's newforms library and database query API.