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Web Applications with Spring.NET

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In this presentation, Russ gives an introduction and live demonstration (Blue Peter style) of Spring.NET. First Russ outlines the main purpose of Spring.NET, which is to “provide comprehensive infrastructural support for developing enterprise .NET applications”. The point is that Spring focuses on handling the background issues while you focus on your own specific problem.

The main advantage of using Spring (which Russ really focused on) is how it focuses on testing. He describes how only through testing can you gradually gain confidence in your application. It also forces you to think more about the design of your app, so as to make testing easier. Russ introduces two types of testing – the unit test and the integration test. Ideally, a unit test happens in isolation from everything else so that you can insure it's doing what it's meant to. The integration test is used to insure that your component is functioning correctly within the operating environment.

Russ demonstrates the techniques he introduces using a sample application (Spring Air) that comes along with the Spring for .NET distribution. Russ demonstrates each level of the application from domain objects through the DAO level, services and finally the Web GUI. This provides a clear overview of creating and testing a Spring .Net application.

In the end, its clear that Russ has just touched on the surface of the functionality within Spring for .NET but he has introduced some important concepts to take note of when using it

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