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Spring for .NET - Making Best Practices Easy Practices

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Russ Miles, SpringSource senior consultant and author of Head First Software Development, talks through some of the best practices that Spring for .NET helps open source .NET developers to apply.

The talk starts with a brief description of dependency injection and why it is required for a better configuration. Then, Russ gives some examples of pain points with traditional development approaches and how Spring .NET provides solutions for these problems. As Russ explains, Spring reduces the amount of code that should be written for tasks like consistent data access by using the Template mechanism. Transaction management is also made simple with approaches like using declarative transactions. The Aspect Library contains reusable aspects, which is an important advantage that Spring for Java currently does not provide.

As Russ explains, Spring does not re-invent the wheel. If there are good enough tools for ORM or transaction management, it provides the appropriate interfaces for using these tools in good synchronization and enables efficient test-driven development

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