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Learning NHibernate Series

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This series covers NHibernate in detail, starting with introduction to ORM concepts; the series of screencast goes into details of explaining various functionality and implementation details with NHibernate.

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Introduction to NHibernate: What does NHibernate bring to the table
n this episode, you will learn about the reasons why you might use an Object/Relational Mapper (ORM). You will also hear why NHibernate is a particularly good ORM, when it is appropriate to use NHibernate and when it is NOT appropriate to use NHibernate. Finally, you will hear why you might choose NHibernate over the ADO.NET Entity Framework and Linq2Sql and when and might not choose it.
Introduction to NHibernate: Setting up your Mappings
In this episode you will learn about how to install NHibernate as well as how get started with XML mappings to your object domain model. You will learn how to map a class to a table, specify the primary key/identifier, and map properties to columns.
Introduction to NHibernate: Configuring NHibernate (Part 2)
In this episode you will learn about you will learn how to set up your configuration for NHibernate.

We will also show you how to bootstrap NHibernate in your code by configuring it and then creating the ISessionFactory
Introduction to NHibernate: CRUD and Basic Transparent Cascading
In this episode you will learn about you will learn how to perform basic CRUD operations with NHibernate as well as dive into some of its transparent cascading features such as save (insert) and update.
Introduction to NHibernate: More Basic Usages
In this episode we will continued our dive into how to use NHibernate.

We will continue taking a look at various load/fetch strategies that NHibernate offers.
Introduction to NHibernate: Collection Relationships (Part 5)
In this episode we will continued our dive into how to use NHibernate.

we'll discuss some of the types of collections (bag, set, and list), some of the features NHibernate offers for loading, sorting, and pre-filtering collection data, and how cascading and transparent lazy loading works with collections of related objects.
Introduction to NHibernate: Intermediate NHibernate Usage (Part 6)
In the 7th and final episode of this series, you'll see some code examples of working with collections of related objects and how lazy loading and cascade operations work from a code perspective.

We'll also discuss object lifecycle management in NHibernate as well as guidance on how to manage lifecycle and cascade operations on collections of related objects. Finally, we'll discuss how to perform ad-hoc queries with NHibernate including simple as well as aggregate projection queries using both the Hibernate Query Language (HQL) and the ICriteria API.