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Essential Business Server (EBS) demo with Bjorn

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The 1st public preview and pricing was announced for SBS and EBS yesterday and I had an interview with one of the program managers for EBS.  Bjorn Levidow has been at Microsoft for 12 years and in this video he shows us the remote administration console for EBS, the easy recovery from problematic add-ins to EBS, and the licensing changes/enhancements which were made in the new version of the product.

If you tune in for "Over the Edge" at 17:54, you'll learn what a Thrakkorzog is, a bit about Bjorn's medieval experience, and a technique to help you memorize things more easily.  One other thing I noticed after the camera was off was his PHD and a couple of patents hanging on the wall.

Download the public preview version of EBS & SBS at:

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