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Dependency Injection with Cast

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Castle Windsor is the most popular opensource dependency injection framework for .NET and the foundation of the Castle Application Framework. In this session, Mike Hadlow and Gojko Adzic introduce depenency injection principles, show how to implement them with Castle Windsor, and talk about extending Windsor functionality with custom facilities.

Castle's Windsor Container for Inversion of Control (IoC) and Dependency Injection (DI) is a popular open source .NET project. Mike Hadlow and Gojko Adzic briefly talk about IC and provide live examples of using Windsor for this purpose. Packaging issues and some pitfalls are also among the subjects of the talk.

Inversion of control is a style of designing reusable components and decoupling services. In this style, specialised services are represented by interfaces. Each component declares services it provides and services it requires. No component dictates its behaviour to others. An IoC container automatically resolves dependencies. All services are registered in it and it is transparent. The examples demonstrate applications of design patterns.

Gojko Adzicís talk focuses on deployment and how to use the tool in real-world production. Capabilities of the container can be extended by adding facilities. Facilities display information about what is happening in the container, like what is being added to it and what objects are being created. This makes it possible to inject behaviour into the lifecycle of objects originating from the container. The live demo is a simple chat server and effects of editing its configuration file are demonstrated.

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