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AOP with PostSharp

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In this talk, David Ross gives an introduction to PostSharp - an Aspect Oriented Programming (AOP) toolkit for .NET. AOP allows developers to reduce the level of duplication of code and allows code injection of duplicated code (such as for login functionality and logging). David introduces the concept of weaving which allows the injection of new code; PostSharp modifies the binaries and occurs either at compile-time or at run-time. David gives a demonstration of using PostSharp and how it can be used in a typical aspect. Also, one of the most useful functions of PostSharp is the ability to inject code based on a filter instead having to do everything manually. The next method introduced is how it can be used to inject validation code in order to keep the C# code clean and not complicated by long validation rules. In the final part of the talk, David explains how users can go about starting to use PostSharp. It certainly looks like a tool that might be worth looking into if you wish to clean up your code

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