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ActiveMQ & NMS

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David speaks on ActiveMQ and NMS. ActiveMQ is an opensource high-performance messaging solution from the Apache Foundation. NMS is the ActiveMQ client library for .NET. This solution is a very interesting choice for asynchronous .NET messaging, especially for messages that are published to the masses such as web push updates.

David introduces ActiveMQ and how it can be used with NMS. ActiveMQ is a JMS-compliant message broker supporting both unicast and multicast messaging. NMS is an API that can be used as an API for ActiveMQ. Firstly David introduces how you can go about getting started with using these tools. ActiveMQ has two main concepts for distributing messages. The first is queues, used for point to point communications where there is just one subscriber. By default queues are persistent. The second concept is topics, for publish and subscribe behaviour where there is likely to be more than one subscriber. Also, in topics persistence is optional, dependant on the characteristics of the queue. David then goes through the code that is required to get ActiveMQ and NMS up and running in a typical scenario

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