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firework - Playing with light in design

Language: English Quality: High Has Audio: true Source: Other Media: QuickTime Posted On: 07 Mar 09
I took a few minutes today to talk about something I've been doing with my design work as of late: playing with light to add depth and texture to a design. In this 7 minute and 19 second screencast, I look at layering elements using gradients and the use of white or black as a way to add light or shadow to a design within Adobe Fireworks.

I start with a base colour and then start adding elements on top of it, which consist of either white or black gradients with opacity levels adjusted to create highlights within a design. One of the other tricks I use is to make a gradient with the base colour. On one end of the gradient, I'll load the base colour into the colour picker and then use the HSB sliders to isolate just the brightness to go lighter or darker. You can also adjust the saturation which is another way to adjust depth; things farther away having less saturation.

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