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Creating Your Own Photoshop Brushes

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Learn to build your own Brushes in Photoshop with Glen's comprehensive series. Discover how to create your own brushes over the first 3 episodes, then Glen shares his tips and tricks and finally see how to archive everything with the Preset Manager.     [SUGGEST  A  ARTICLE]

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  • Defining Brush Tips and Patterns

    The two most significant things that define the way that your brush looks are Brush Tips and Patterns. You can use any image you want to define those, and in this video you'll see how it's done.

    Brush Options Part 1

    In this 2-part video, all of the brush options in Photoshop will be explained. Part 1 covers Brush Presets, Brush Tip Shape, Shape Dynamics, Scattering, and Texture Modes.

    Brush Options Part 2

    Part 2 of Brush Options covers Opacity, Flow, Airbrush, Texturing Each Tip, Dual Brush, Color Dynamics, Other Dynamics, Noise, Wet Edges, Smoothing, and Protect Texture.

    A Few Brush Examples

    To give you a few ideas on how you can creatively use brushes, as well as showing some of my favorite tricks that I didn't cover previously, here are a few example brushes and how I made them.

    Saving with the Preset Manager

    The Preset Manager allows you to save sets for just about everything in Photoshop so you can keep an archive of your favorite brushes, patterns, color swatches, and so on.