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DDD: putting the model to work
Category: Chat & Email > Skype      Posted: 24 Jan 08

This talk will outline some of the foundations of domain-driven design:How models are chosen and evaluated;How multiple models coexist;How the patterns...

Skype running on a Motorola Q
Category: Chat & Email > Skype      Posted: 06 Feb 07

So since I got the Q, one of the applications that I was dying to try was VOIP. Any voip would do, unfortunately, finding a voip client written for Win...

Skype Demo
Category: Chat & Email > Skype      Posted: 06 Feb 07

A very casual demonstration of how to get free internet telephone calls using Skype.

How to Use Skype: A Video Tutorial
Category: Chat & Email > Skype      Posted: 06 Feb 07

Although Skype states their VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) application is relatively "easy to download, install and use", a visual tutorial may he...