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Architectural implications of REST-ful design

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The growing awareness of REST is putting the "Web" back into Web-Services. About time too, the Web is the most successful application ever. Why? Because it displays amazing economic properties. The cost of change is much smaller than the value added. It encourages solving problems by keeping it simple, which leads to strong and flexible solutions. In this talk, we will review emerging REST frameworks while introducing the core ideas of Resource Oriented Computing and show how ROC lies beyond REST and is related to Unix.

We will show that REST and more generally ROC can be applied at all scales of information system, from distributed SOA right down inside the structure of software itself and even to applications using protocols other than HTTP. You will learn that, just like the Web, by making information resources the primary concern of an application we gain the Web\'s economic properties of composability and scaling and are decoupled from the physical details of implementation. Along the way we will introduce NetKernel, a Resource Oriented Computing platform, that has been used by practitioners for the last five years to build practical, pragmatic, real world solutions

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