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Bare-Naked Languages or What Not to Model
Domain-specific languages (DSLs) are useful as stand-alone languages, but not everyone knows when or when not to use them. Find out how you can fit DSLs into the software factories methodology to build useful assets and avoid common pitfalls.

Domain-Specific Modeling
The essence of DSLs is to simplify larger problems into smaller problems. Discover how special-purpose DSLs can be applied within a software factory platform and authoring environment.

Measuring Success with Software Factories
Building today's software can be an inefficient one-off or project-at-a-time development process. Learn how to gather the metrics necessary to "industrialize" software development for predictability in addition to better productivity and quality.

A Foundation for the Pillars of Software Factories
Process strategies can help your organization overcome the problems that software developers face today. Look at how to adopt production line methodologies to promote reusability and use strategic processes like architecture-driven development.

A GSI's Perspective of Software Factories
Increasing productivity while maintaining user satisfaction is a concern for companies of all sizes. See how to make a Global Systems Integrator (GSI) take advantage of a software factory approach to be more cost effective, even if the developer team is spread worldwide.

The Perspective-Based Architecture Method
Innovation requires making quick, cost-effective decisions for organizations, and aligning new business solutions with IT environments increases complexity. Organize your strategic thinking by using the PBA method, which supports high-quality decision making through well-focused questions.

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