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Reliability in Connected Systems
Loosely coupled, asynchronous, service-oriented applications impose unique reliability requirements. Learn about reliability issues to consider when architecting a connected services application.

A Flexible Model for Data Integration
Organizations use XML data described by XML schema and exchanged through Web services to integrate systems. Find out three causes for failure that data-centric integration projects can encounter, and their solutions.

Autonomous Services and Enterprise Entity Aggregation
Heterogeneous systems manage their own data, which often are not exposed for external consumption. Take a look at how autonomous services transform the way we develop systems to more closely match business processes.

Data Replication as an Enterprise SOA Antipattern
The positives and negatives of data replication can help enterprise architects deliver service-oriented strategies successfully. Discover how to use an antipattern and a pattern to describe data replication for your enterprise.

Patterns for High-Integrity Data Consumption and Composition
The Web is becoming less about visual pages and more about services, pure data, and content. Get acquainted with some patterns that lead to less brittle, more loosely coupled, and high-integrity data consumption and composition.

The Nordic Object/Relational Database Design
An O/R hybrid model provides power, flexibility, performance, and data integrity. Discover how the Nordic Object/Relational Database Design emulates object-oriented features in today's relational database engines.

Adopting and Benefiting from Agile Processes in Offshore Software Development
Offshore outsourcing of software development presents unique challenges. See why modern tools, the global communications infrastructure, and a good offshore partner are critical for agile processes.

Service-Oriented Modeling for Connected Systems: Part 2
Part 1 provided an approach to model connected, service-oriented systems that promotes close alignment between IT solutions and business needs. Now, learn how to implement services mapped to business capabilities.

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